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Taking Ecommerce to the next level.

Backstores LLC is an online trading company established and licensed in UAE, that serves as an umbrella to a wide range of online stores and services.

We have mixed our vast experience in online platforms with our excellence in the retail industry in order to place our online stores in the top list.

In 2019, we decided to establish our online platform to introduce new items to the UAE market, and started by coconut bowls forks and spoons, as well as bamboo straws for plastic replacement step 1. Those eco-friendly, simple hand-made creations that open your appetite to preparing healthy meals, while participating in saving the environment.

In addition to our own store, we have acquired a list of websites under our umbrella, some of which are already known in the UAE, others which are new.

Shipem, Make My Cereal, Oxygen Foods, My Roommate, Flavor Cooking, Job Mayt for Freelancers, Biz Matters Directory, Soft Steps, Jawkers, Flexi Desks and Resellers Network