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Crafted Zodiac Sign Himalayan Salt Lamp (All Zodiac signs available)

AED210.00 AED165.00

Made from 100% Authentic Himalayan Salt found in Pakistan. Dimmer switch and power plug type.  Sturdy base.

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This mineral-rich lamp is known for its ability to produce negative ions to help cleanse and detoxify the air quality by attracting pollutants and helping to neutralize the effects of electronics, making them ideal use for home, office, spa massage rooms, or even outdoors at the beach, or camping.

As it illuminates and brings glow in the environment, it sets the perfect mood for a beautiful and serene evening. It helps to calm mood, relax sleep and improve body harmony, overcoming stress and reduce fatigue, improve concentration, boost energy level, and other health benefits to enhance your living.

1. Keep the lamp in dry area, reduce moisture, and wipe clean regularly. You may place a protection cover to reduce moisture. Since the lamp is made of salt, it will absorb water and may start melting if placed near sources of water. Don’t place near showers, bathtubs, dishwashers, steam-producing elements or washing machines. Don’t submerge in water.
2. Check and monitor the bulb. Bulb should make the lamp warm to touch, but not hot. If the bulb flickers, malfunctions or gives any other problems, replace it with the proper bulb.

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