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Banana Fibre Yoga Mat with Wooden Beads, Hand Loomed with Back


Yoga Mat 100% Eco Friendly Natural, Non Slip, sustainable, PVC free, Handloom banana fibre, Back Rubberized for superior grip for Gym, Home and Outdoor yoga, workout

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Banana fiber is known for hypoallergenic properties. The banana fiber is woven together with cotton yarns which makes the mat soft and comfortable. The natural rubber treatment on the back provides good grip and makes it anti skid.

The tussles ät the ends are decorated with beads to make this mat a true masterpiece and a pleasure to perform your yoga practice.

Yoga has immense benefits for our health physically, mentally and emotionally. It is important to inhale pure air while performing your yoga practice. Traditionally, yoga is practiced on eco friendly yoga mats. Our mat is free from any toxins giving you maximum benefits during your yoga practice. In comparison most other PVC mats are harmful as they have phthalates which are known toxins.

Eco friendly, biodegradable Hand loomed Yoga Mat is hand woven with care and love by high skilled old aged rural artisan of which only very few are left in our generation in India. As hand looms are in the brink of getting destroyed because of lack of artisans, this mats helps to resurrect the hand loom by providing good work and wages to the rural peoples.

The mat is 100% organic and chemical and toxin free. The mat is 100% biodegradable and is easily decomposable. This helps protect earth from PVC and other foam materials which are harmful to humans and earth.
INSTRUCTIONS AND CARE This mat can be used for indoor as well as outdoor practice. Additionally, the mat provides gentle acupuncture effects which regulates blood pressure and strengthens muscles. It can be used for Yoga, pilates or as a fitness mat. The mat can be hand washed with a wet cloth and dried in the sun. Do not machine wash.

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